Director since: May 2022
Director Nominee
Carlsbad, California, USA

Ebon Johnson is a born and bred San Diego native who comes from a long line of family members who became successful business owners and were well known in car repair businesses in San Diego in the 1970’s. As a result of learning through working in his family’s businesses, Ebon has become an innovative San Diego entrepreneur. In 1996, at the age of 23, he became the sole proprietor for over eight years of his own body shop. He has always been attracted to innovative business brands, from V-Foam, a starlight clothing company he started in 2012, to marketing and selling luxury vehicles to clients.

In 2015 when it became legal to open a Cannabis business in San Diego, Ebon also became a major leader in the San Diego community in bringing awareness to others about the medical, recreational, and health benefits of Cannabis to its users. He firmly believes that Cannabis can be a healthy life-changing choice for many, and especially for people with medical concerns.


Ebon currently owns a share in the Mankind Dispensary in Miramar, a business he co-founded as one of the original 15 legal Cannabis dispensaries to be approved in the City of San Diego. Mankind Dispensary boasted revenues of over $25 million annually. By the time it was sold in 2021, Ebon was branching out to the City of La Mesa. There he is currently the successful owner, and General Manager, of Dr. GreenThumb’s San Diego, another Cannabis dispensary grossing average daily proceeds of $40K in its first six months of operations.


Ebon’s business vision comes from a WWII quote from one of his favorite movies that continues to drive his progress in business ventures, “Sometimes it is the people no one can imagine anything of who do the things no one can imagine.” Because of Ebon’s business acumen, he is passionate about continuously investing in the Cannabis industry in order to create a footprint for outstanding Cannabis operations in the San Diego area.

Last but not least, Ebon Johnson is ultimately a family man, who has two sons for whom he continues to model what it takes to achieve excellence.