Director since: Director Nominee
Carlsbad, California, USA

James has worked extensively in the cannabis industry since 2009, having founded some of the most successful dispensaries in the industry including Mankind in San Diego. In additional to his work on the retail side of the industry James has been involved with delivery, cultivation and CPG as well as played a significant role in legislative development. James was the President of one of the first industry trade associations in the cannabis industry and has been deeply involved in advancing legislation in California.

He is a serial entrepreneur with a particular focus on increasing humanity’s quality of life and consciousness at scale. His career began in education as the President of Body Mind College which provided practitioner trainings in alternative medicine and psychology. James also co-founded Neurohacker Collective which is a cutting edge wellness products company that uses complex systems science to develop products to enhance human performance. James has had a diverse career, all driven by a desire to reduce suffering and improve quality of life for all forms of sentience.