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Utilizing efficient, cutting-edge technology, GABY brings your products to market while maintaining full compliance and maximizing your profits.

We take great pride in our high standards of quality assurance.

Batching and Packaging

High Yield Flower Batching

Our team offers a wide array of services at the highest quality and consistency. Utilizing efficient, cutting-edge technology, GABY brings your products to market while maintaining full compliance and maximizing your profits.

Concentrate Batching

Presentation and precision can define a consumer’s experience of your brand. Our experienced team has batched a wide variety of award-winning extracts.


Whether produced in-house or by our manufacturing partners, the GABY production team specializes in compliant packaging for all types of cannabis products. Our portfolio has included seeds, topicals and vapes.

Vape Cartridges

We offer custom vape formulation, precision cartridge filling, and final form packaging. Experienced in distillates, sauces, resins, and blends, we can develop formulas to meet the demands of any vape consumer. Whether you have existing products that need assembly or want to develop new ones, we have the right capabilities to meet your needs.

Preroll Manufacturing

Our preroll capabilities are industry-leading. Using proprietary methodology and specialized equipment, we carefully remove all stems and unwanted material from the cannabis without grinding it. Prerolls and other value-added products are an ever-growing sector in the cannabis market with great profit margins.

GABY’s team has engineered prerolls into an advanced, standardized and scalable process. Once the desired consistency is achieved, we balance moisture content to guarantee a perfectly even burn and pleasant consumer experience every time.

Having produced everything from 0.25g minis to 12g giants and different types of infusion techniques, GABY’s team is capable of making any kind of preroll conceivable.

Solventless Extraction

The popularity of solventless extracts has jumped dramatically in the industry over the last few years, and there’s no mystery as to why. Solventless extraction is known for its exceptional terpene preservation and high potency output. Extraction without any volatile solvents delivers a pure substance without fear of residual chemicals and allows the quality of your source material to shine through. With the capacity to produce several forms of solventless extracts, we can tailor your results to best fit your material needs.


Dry Sift

Precise gland separation with standard and cryo dry-sifting to a 90u standard, produces extracts for batching by the gram or for use in infusible products.


Traditional Hashish

For millennia, classic hashish has been consumed and is the original cannabis concentrate. Microplaning, temple balls or pressed, our team can do it all.



Extracted with nothing more than heat and pressure, rosins have now become a staple category of cannabis extracts. Our team produces hash and flower rosin with various finishing consistencies ideal for smoking, vaporizing or infusing.

Infused Product Manufacturing


We manufacture cannabis topicals in the form of lotions, sprays and other bath and body products. GABY can produce products for every demographic your brand is trying to reach.



With our facilities we can produce a variety of simple, infused edibles from tinctures to beverages. These products can be fast acting remedies that are easily accessible to consumers.

Research and Development

Getting cannabis products to market is our specialty. For small and large cannabis companies alike; the research and development process is challenging, heavily regulated and expensive. GABY has the resources and a team of extraction, manufacturing and culinary experts with decades of cannabis experience to guide you every step of the way.


Product and Process Development

We develop scalable preroll, extract, topical and edible cannabis products from concept to completion.



We can handle the logistics of all types of testing through our long standing relationships with reliable labs.


Packaging and Labels

Our team can design and source compliant labels and packaging for any cannabis product.



We have experience ensuring your products and production processes are compliant with the DCC.

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