LOS ANGELES April 27, 2016 – Gabriella’s Kitchen will be serving its nutrient-rich, highprotein skinnypastaTM to participants attending Cellular Horizons: The Third International
Conference on the Progress of Regenerative Medicine and Its Cultural Impact at the
Vatican from April 28th – April 30th.

Margot M. Micallef, CEO and co-founder of Gabriella’s Kitchen, named her company in
honor of her sister, Gabriella, who lost her battle to lung cancer. Micallef will share
Gabriella’s story with attendees, including her belief that wellness comes from within,
and that nourishing the body with fresh, high-quality and nutritious ingredients is where
healing, treatment and regeneration begin.

“It is an honor having Gabriella’s Kitchen participate in this international event,” said
Micallef. “Health is at the core of what inspires the skinnypastaTM product line. We are
passionate about providing nourishment for those who are ill to encourage healing from
the inside out, as well as for those who want to nourish their bodies to maintain

Gabriella’s Kitchen skinnypastaTM, which is GMO-free and has no additives or
preservatives, will be served at the event to a group of over 350 guests, including
renowned cell therapy doctors and scientists, ethicists, philanthropists and leaders of
faith and government. “The event aims to create a global conversation about the healing
potential of cell therapy and the importance of getting approved therapies to people
suffering with debilitating medical conditions. We will discuss the importance of keeping
our immune cells and body healthy and how food and their ingredients can have a direct
effect on our health,” said Dr. Robin Smith, President of the Stem for Life Foundation.

In further recognition of Gabriella and as part of the company’s corporate social
responsibility program, Gabriella’s Kitchen has chosen to support the Stem for Life
Foundation’s efforts to create a future in which others don’t lose loved ones to lung
cancer or any cancer.


Gabriella’s Kitchen

Italian sisters Gabriella and Margot Micallef founded the company now known as
Gabriella’s Kitchen to create nutritious and delicious foods that everyone could enjoy,
regardless of their dietary preferences or restrictions. Naturally, they started with pasta!
Using fresh, high-quality ingredients and an original artisanal Italian pasta machine, they
created skinnypasta™, allowing everyone to Love Pasta Again™. In 2009, the sisters began commercializing their non-traditional pasta and, in 2015, the company was
renamed Gabriella’s Kitchen in honor of Margot’s late sister, who remains the inspiration
behind the company.

For more information, including where to purchase Gabriella’s Kitchen products, please
visit www.GKskinnypasta.com or follow the company on Twitter @skinnypasta and


The Stem For Life Foundation

(SFLF) is the educational and advocacy subsidiary of The Cura Foundation and is
devoted to fostering global awareness of the potential for regenerative medicine to treat
and cure a range of deadly diseases and debilitating medical conditions, as opposed to
merely treating their symptoms. The Foundation stands at the forefront of a fundamental
shift away from traditional drug treatment in favor of amplifying the body’s natural repair
mechanisms to vanquish disease. For more information on The Stem For Life
Foundation, please visit http://www.stemforlife.org. To follow the Vatican event on
Twitter, please join the conversation @StemForLife or via the hashtag #UNITETOCURE



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